Sunday, August 29, 2021

Running Models Simultaneously

Did you know you can run models simultaneously in ExtendSim?  Yes, you certainly can.  That feature has been in ExtendSim since v10 was released, but I often run into ExtendSim users who are not aware of the feature.  It is one that I make use of all the time. 

To run multiple models simultaneously, all one needs to do is toggle the run mode button to show multiple people running – you can see this in the red circle in the image.  Do this for each of your models. Then click on the run button for each model.  That is all you need to do! 

How many models could you run simultaneously?  My computer has 4 cores / 8 threads and I tend to run around 5 models simultaneously.  The ExtendSim interface and other Windows applications that run in the background also needs some CPU capacity. 

One last thing to mention.  If your models imports or exports data from Excel, be aware that Excel doesn’t like multiple models accessing the same file simultaneously. So, you might need to turn the import and export off or set the model up with different spreadsheets.

Try it for yourself sometime if you have not already.  This is an awesome feature.

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