Monday, April 18, 2011

Simulation Master Class

Being a simulation modeler can often be a lonely proposition. Often alone, you are called on to build a model of a complex process, analyze that model, and present the results to management. As simulation modeling is as much an art as a science, we thought applying the musician/artist Master Class concept to simulation would be helpful to our customers. 

A team of simulation experts from a range of backgrounds have been invited to join the Imagine That Inc. technical staff to discuss their simulation techniques, general research, and specific ExtendSim features that they find intriguing. Some of the Master Classes will be specific to ExtendSim while others will be more general and useful to all simulation modelers.

We have a number of speakers lined up. However, if you are interested in presenting at one of our Master Class sessions or simply have some suggestions, let us know. We are looking for speakers who can address the issues of the simulation community as a whole as well as ExtendSim modelers.

Imagine That’s simulation Master Class sessions are open to everyone at no charge. Classes begin May 2011. Check our web site for more details.

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